Vaastu Shastra

vaastu literally means “house” or the place where one is residing. the principles of vaastu establish to create harmony between five elements – fire, earth,sky, water and air in the environment.vaastu shastra is the scientific study of directions, which aims at creating equilibrium by balancing the different elements of nature and using them for the benefit of humans. It’s guidelines are very simple and easily applied to virtually all sets of constructions, be it a house, a particular room, temple, commercial complex, industry etc.

there is a great importance of vaastu shastra in our life, as it paves way for happiness and prosperity to knock our doors. . vaastu extracts the positive energies of the five basic elements of nature – the solar energy of sun, lunar energy of moon, wind energy of air, magnetic effects of earth and heat energy of fire, balancing them to bring harmony in the life of a person. in fact, a harmonious life with the nature is the theme of vaastu shastra.

whenever there is an imbalance between the five chief elements of nature, it turns into some sort of agitation, sorrow, failure, poor economic condition and many other negative results for a human being. vaastu shastra provides most suitable ways to overcome such problems. it suggests ways in which you can live in agreement with the laws of nature, in order to remain healthy, peaceful and work efficiently.

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Vaastu Tips


vaastu tips for living room

  • living room should be in the east or north so one can get the morning sunlight and positive vibrations. the north direction is ideal for the construction of living room.
  • the door of the living room should be in north or east.
  • it is advisable to keep square or rectangle shape furniture in the living room.
  • the heavy articles of furniture or decoration should be in the west or the south direction.
  • southern and western corners of the room are perfect for placing the furniture.
  • the heavy chandelier should not be at the center of the room.
  • the telephone should be placed in the southeast and other electrical appliances (except tv) are best in the southeast direction.
  • the perfect place for keeping sofa lies in south. avoid placing l-shaped sofa in your living room.
  • tv can be kept in the east or north direction and showcase cum almirah in the southeast corner. on either side of the tv, pictures or idol of family or clan deities, along with a deity you worship more, should be put up.
  • stuffed animals should be in the southwest corner.
  • cooler or a.c should be placed in west or north direction. avoid keeping ac or cooler in southeast or northwest direction.
  • the head of the house and his wife should sit in the southwest corner of the room, facing east or northeast.
  • the guests should be seated in the northwest or southeast. seating arrangement for the guests should be done in such a manner that they face southern or western direction.
  • pictures showing water bodies, aquariums or water fountains should preferably be placed in north to east area, as this brings fortune. the flow of water shown in the picture should point towards the interior of the house.
  • portraits of birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the room as they give the gloomy feelings and thus the negative vibes.
  • the color of the walls in living room should be white, yellow, blue or green. prefer light color over dark colors. avoid black and red color in living room. light colors in the living room will continue to brighten up the mood and convey a feeling of warmth.
  • square, rectangle and round shapes are best, when it comes to the center table that has to be kept in the living room.
  • according to the vaastu advice for living rooms, there should more of open space in the northern and eastern corners.
  • no photograph of god should be hanged above the entrance door, from outside.
  • the fireplace, if designed, should be done in southeast part of the living room.

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vaastu tips for kitchen

  • the ideal place for the location of kitchen is the southeast corner. an alternative choice can be the northwest corner of the house.
  • certain directions that are a total no-no for the construction of the kitchen are: northeast, mid-north, mid-west, southwest, mid-south and the center of the house.
  • make sure that the cooking platform does not touch eastern or northern wall.
  • the best direction for cooking is facing east, as this direction is considered to be auspicious.
  • the stove in your kitchen should never be visible from the outside. it can lead to digestion problems for the family members.
  • the cooking hob and the sink should be maximum distance apart.
  • its best to have the kitchen sink in the northeast direction. if there is a dishwasher in the kitchen, place it in the northwest side of the kitchen.
  • the other water elements like drinking water should be placed in the northeast.
  • there should be big windows on the eastern/northern side and smaller on western/southern wall.
  • the slope of the water flow should be from southwest towards northeast.
  • the cylinder should be placed in the southeast corner.
  • if the refrigerator is placed inside the kitchen, then keep it in the southwest direction.
  • exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be fitted on the eastern walls in the southeast corner.
  • microwave should be put in the southeast corner.
  • storage is also a very important aspect of the kitchen. if you have cabinets in the northeast side, use it for storing light things only.
  • have elaborate storage units, built in to give a clean and tidy look to the kitchen.
  • if your kitchen has overhead storage cupboards, avoid having them over the cooking range.
  • while constructing the kitchen, make adequate provision for cross ventilation.
  • the suitable colors for the kitchen, other than green, are soft pink and orange.
  • there should be no toilets and bathrooms adjoining, and above or below the kitchen.
  • food should never be served in the center of the kitchen.
  • clocks in the kitchen should always be placed on the north or east wall.
  • the door of the kitchen should never face the door of the toilet.

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vaastu tips for bedroom

  • the master bedroom should always be located in the southwest part of the house as southwest represents the element earth which implies the heaviness, which makes it as the ideal place for the master of the house.
  • while placing the bed, make sure that you keep it in such a way that the occupant sleeps with his/her head pointing towards the south.
  • southwest is not at all suitable for children room, guest room, servant room or any other room.
  • a great deal of attention should be paid to bedrooms in a house. one should sleep with head towards south, east or west and never in north. having the head in the north direction should be completely avoided, while sleeping, as it acts as a source of nightmares and disturbed sleep.
  • there should not be any beam crossing over the bed. if it exists, proper rectification should be done immediately otherwise the health will be affected.
  • the bed placed should be on the south wall and if not there, it should be kept at least 4 away from the walls.
  • the heavy almirah should be on the south / west walls.
  • if you want to have a bookshelf in your bedroom, west or southwest corner is the best, as per the vaastu guidelines for a bedroom.
  • the construction material for the bed should be the wood and the wrought iron beds should be avoided.
  • square and rectangle shape bedrooms are just perfect for ensuring peace and prosperity in the house. irregular shapes should be completely avoided.
  • the bedroom door should open at least ninety degrees, to fully allow positive opportunities to flow to you. the door of the bedroom should never produce the creaking noise.
  • all the electronic gadgets should be placed at a distance from the bed as the electromagnetic waves emitted by them interferes with the sleep.
  • there should not be any mirror in front of the bed, as it disturbs sleep. at such a position, the mirror reflects your image and holds back your stress, rather than allowing you to throw it off.
  • the shape of the bed should be regular and any irregular shape should be avoided.
  • the bed should never be placed in front of the bedroom door.
  • remove clutter from under you bed, as it keeps your mind lingering in the past and hinders future progress.
  • the mattress used on the double bed should be a single one.
  • the color scheme for the bedroom in southwest direction should be in any earthy tone like browns, shades of almond, all families of earthen color.
  • don’t sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners. this can create stress in your nervous system. in a room that has sharp corners, you will never be able to experience peace, unless you soften them by placing plants in front. also, move your bed away from direct alignment with them.
  • the vaastu colors ideal for your bedroom are soft pastel shades of pink / cream or off white. avoid using dark and excessively bright colors in your bedroom.
  • vastu rejects the idea of keeping an aquarium in the bedroom. it is believed that if they live there, they will attract material loss
  • avoid placing divine idols in the bedroom. the best place for them is your puja room.

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vaastu tips for kids room

  • the apt direction for constructing children room is west. apart from that west, northwest, northeast directions can also be used for constructing kids room. totally avoid the southwest / southeast direction.
  • in a kids room, the bed can be placed in the southwest corner. place the bed in such a way that your child has his/ her head facing the east or south direction while sleeping.
  • as a part of vaastu guidelines for children room, it is recommended to avoid placing the mirror on the opposite side of the bed.
  • if you want to keep furniture items in a children room, keep them a few inches away from the wall. don’t have the furniture attached to the wall, as it obstructs the flow of positive energy.
  • the room to be chosen for study should be in the east, north or the north-east direction of the house. these directions improve the absorption power and increase the knowledge content. along with that if the door of the room is also in either of these directions, the result turns out to be the best.
  • there should not be any exposed beam or column.
  • students must face north while studying.
  • avoid placing a television or computer directly opposite the bed. the television set or the computer monitor, when switched off, reflects the bed, just like a mirror, and is a bad omen.
  • the door of the room should have two shutters and windows should be placed in east and north side so that the useful morning sunlight can easily come through. the door should not be exactly opposite to the bed. rather, try placing it an angle from the door.
  • if you must have a mirror and a television in the bedroom, have them either on the left or the right side of the bed.
  • sharp edges and pointing nooks comprise of something that is better avoided in children room.
  • there should not be any open shoe rack in the room and the shoes should not be left scattered.
  • the book rack should be planned on the south / west wall.
  • a square study table is the best shape for study. however a regular rectangle table is also considered good.
  • the center of kids room should always be empty. try to avoid placing something in there.
  • the almirah and cabinets should always be located in south or west direction of the room.
  • the unnecessary books should not be piled up on the table. only the books, which are needed, should be kept on the table. load of books on the table creates unnecessary mental pressure on the mind.
  • up-lighters, when placed in the southeast corner of children room, help promote health and generate positive energy.
  • sharp lights as well as spot lights should never ever be used in kids room, as they tend to create mental strain.
  • the color of the walls of the study room should be lemon, green, orange or white in color as it is very auspicious and enhances the wishing power as well as supports the speedy progress of mind. green color proves the best for kids room, as it is associated with freshness and peace and increases brain power as well.
  • a flowing water body should be kept in the northeast corner of the room, which will always keep the student fresh.
  • the curtains / bedsheets used should be plain and simple. any kind of complicated geometrical designs should be avoided.
  • try to paint eastern wall or any one element / character in turmeric yellow color as it enhances the pituitary gland for better growth & mind.

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vaastu tips for wash room

  • as the location of the bathroom is important so is the position of the bathroom accessories. for bathroom construction, the most appropriate location lies in the eastern portion of the house.
  • bathrooms should not lie in the northeast corners of the house.
  • the bathrooms and toilets should never be constructed beneath the staircase.
  • the toilets should be constructed to the west of the building or the north-west side.
  • bathrooms and toilets should be located at a safe distance from the kitchen and the dining room.
  • the wc in the toilet should be in the west, the south or the northwest side of the west. the wc should face north-south axis.
  • drainage system should be in the northeast direction. therefore, it is advised that the taps and showers should be fixed on the northern side. the dirty linens should be placed in the west side of the bathroom as setting rays are very harmful for bacteria and kill them.
  • if there is almirah, it should always be on the southwest side of the bathroom.
  • the toilet should be on the west or the northwest side of the room and be 1-2 feet above the ground.
  • there must be a provision for proper lighting and cross ventilation inside the bathroom.
  • as a part of vaastu remedies for bathroom, it is suggested that the geyser should be placed in the southeast corner.
  • the water pipes, shower, bathtub etc. should be placed in northeast zone of the bathroom.
  • heater, switchboard, all other electrical appliances should be in the southeast direction.
  • there should be windows or ventilators in the east or the north.
  • mirror should always be on the east wall. the north side is also suitable for putting up the mirror.
  • bath should be taken in the west side.
  • the water storage of the taps of the toilet should be in the east, the north or the northeast corner. it should never be in the southeast or the southwest direction.
  • for keeping the washing machine, the suitable directions are southeast and northwest.
  • the bathtub can be placed in the west, while the sink should be kept on the northeast, north or the east side of the room. as per vaastu for bathroom, the door should not be in the southwest direction.
  • if there is an overhead tank, it should always be on the northwest side of the house.
  • the bathroom colors should always be light, as such colors help give a fresh look to the bathroom. white, light blue and pale green are the best choices for the same. avoid dark colors like black or dark red.
  • always keep the bathroom shiny and clean, as proper hygiene allows flow of positive energy.
  • you can even use some plants to add a decor element in the bathroom.
  • if you are planning to install tiles in the bathroom, keep them in neutral shades.
  • the slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and east so water drains to the northeast side of the bathroom.

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vaastu tips for office

  • you should choose a rectangular or square plot for your office.
  • make sure that the height of the building is equal in all sides.
  • if you want to build water bodies for your office, then choose the northeast or eastern zone. however, make sure that the overhead tank is not located in the northeast.
  • reception should be in ground floor and should face towards east or north. the receptionist should sit facing the north or east direction.
  • the seating arrangement of senior executives, including chairman, general manager and directors, should be done in southern, western and southwestern portions of the office. the senior management should always sit with a solid wall behind their back.
  • northern and eastern zones would be appropriate for seating the middle level officers. reserve the northwest portion for the field staff.
  • the finance and the account portion should be in the north, northeast or the east zone.
  • ensure that the telephone and side-tables are positioned in the south-west corner of the office.
  • there should not be any obstruction inside or outside the doors; the energy should be free flowing.
  • it is suggested that the staff should work by facing the north or east direction.
  • the employees of the office should not sit under beam. in case the beam cannot be avoided, cover it with a woodenboard.
  • central zone of office premises should be kept empty.
  • store all the important documents in an almirah or safe, which should be placed in the southwest direction.
  • it is advisable to have a rectangular desk for the owner of the company.
  • boring or tube well installation in the southern direction of the office is not recommended.
  • the location, perfect for the pantry, falls in the southeast or northwest zone.
  • marketing department should be located in the northwest zone of the office.
  • the appropriate location for the toilet is northeast and southwest directions.
  • make sure that your office is not built near a temple, graveyard or hospital.
  • if there is an overhead tank, it should always be on the northwest side of the house.
  • doors and windows of the office should be positioned in the north and east direction.
  • no one should sit in front of the door.
  • the mandir should never be placed on the back of the seat.
  • the direction of the pantry should always be southeast.
  • the toilets should be placed in northwest.
  • the cash room should be situated in southwest.
  • all the water related activities should be done in northeast.

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vaastu tips for main boss chamber in office

is your work not going in the right direction ?

may be the answer lies in vaastu.

vaastu is one of the most ancient hindu sciences of designs, based on directions, which allow the inflow of positive energy, peace and prosperity throughout your house, workplace or any other construction. it is not a mere superstition but it has been a religious belief that proper selection of vaastu keeps the evil forces away and helps avoid their negative influence. vaastu deals with every aspect of construction, be it the right selection of the site, shape and structure of the building, positioning of the doors and windows or even the placements of the rooms!

vaastu has an equal importance in the office culture as well. a careful arrangement of the structure of the office may lead to better work environment, improved relations with the employees and thus increased profitability in the business. there are certain tips, the adoption of which can make your master cabin a bundle of goodwill and profits.

  • the placement of the boss’s table should be such that he does not face the south. it may be in any other direction.
  • the temple should always fall either in the front or sideways, but in no case should it be behind the owner’s chair.
  • a rectangular shape is preferred for the owner’s table.
  • the door passage that opens in the cabin should be clear with no hindrance falling at the door-opening.
  • a soothing atmosphere can be created by the use of fresh flowers, proper lighting techniques, and a very creative interior plus a gentle use of colors on the wall.
  • the placement of the safe or almirah for keeping important documents and records of the company should be in the south-east direction.
  • within the master cabin, the side tables and the telephones should be kept in the south-western corner.
  • the importance of files in the business is inevitable so even the placement of files should be taken care of. the accounts file should be positioned in the south-east corner of the shelf while the personal file should be at the south-west corner of the cabin-shelf.
  • the office profile should always be either rectangular or square in shape.

the implementation of all these factors in your office can make it a better place to work. it should not be considered that following the vaastu designs would require a total restructuring but it can indeed be achieved by making a few alterations.


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vaastu tips for colours

choosing wall colors according to vaastu

bedroom : pink is an auspicious color for bedroom. light blue and light green are also good for bedroom. choose green color for children bedroom because it can helps in study of children.

living room : yellow, blue, green, tan and beige are best colors for living room as these colors are pleasant for guests.

bedroom : the white is the best color for kitchen. yellow, orange, rose pink, chocolate and red colors are also good colors for kitchen.

bathroom : it can be of white or a mix of black and white or gray colors. pink and other pastel colors are also good.

dining room : the pink, green and blue colors are good for dining room as this place needs to be painted in refreshing colors for the family eats and entertains there. avoid black and white or mixture of black and white in the room.

directions and colors

directions planet color
east sun white
west saturn blue
north mercury green
south mars pink, coral red
north-east jupiter tone of yellows, cream
south-west rahu all greens
south-east venus silver white
north-west moon white

impact of colors

color affects and influences us both emotionally and psychologically on all levels, whether it is personal or business. the following colors are considered auspicious for the enhancement of vaastu of a building.

red : symbolizes bravery and power. it is dramatic, emotional and active. it should not be used in bedrooms because of its energizing quality. it can also be stressful for those who are nervous.

orange: inspires spirituality and power. it encourages positive feeling, happiness, joy and good social relationship. peach color can also be used as it is a cool color.

green: represents nature, hope, freshness. it brings harmony, quick healing, good and healthy environment to the room. most of the hospitals are using this color because of its quick healing quality. green color is good for study room as it rejuvenate the ideas.

yellow: gives a sense of patience and wisdom. it represents sunlight which symbolizes power. if a room gets direct sunlight, do not paint the walls with yellow color. for puja room, yellow color is perfect.

blue: symbolizes spring, new growth and relaxation. this is cool color can be used for bedrooms or meditation room.

purple: inspires faith, respect and trust. never paint entire room in purple color as it may be overpowering. however a light purple color can be used for a calming environment.

white: is an elegant color and looks good when combined with other colors. white ceilings are suggested by most of the people as it reflects the light and brightens the room. this color can be used in north-west bedroom.

pink: represents joy, happiness and pure feeling. it can be used in master bedroom and bedrooms in the south and southwest.

black: indicates lack of hope and confidence. it gives us depressed and tensed feel. avoid black and gray color in house as these may cause frustration and hopelessness.

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do's and dont's vaastu tips for plot

the antediluvian sciences facilitate us with the natural benefits of the basic five elements of the universe namely sky, earth, water, fire and wind. the ancient word vastu is commonly referred for the physical environment around us.

the science of vaastu lets you design your home or rooms or office with specific directions which are propitious for you in various aspects. the vaastu plot is related to the land where you plan to construct your home or office. if you are planning to purchase the property of your home or office, here are some do’s and don’ts which will guide you to suitably take decisions concerning your dream home.

following are the dont’s

1. the ground of the plot should be flat leveled where you are planning to make your home. the plot should not be on any slope or even if it is, it should be sloping in downwards direction either in north or east direction.

2. the plot where the construction is to be done must not be a crematory or sepulture ground.

3. the plot placed within two or more larger plots should be avoided as it is considered inauspicious and contributes to impoverishment.

4. prefer a plot with obstructions, if any, on the southern or western side rather than on eastern or northern side. this is because the impediments are propitious if they block the winds from west and they are untoward if they block the sun’s rays from reaching inside home.

5. the plot should not be too near to a temple, this must be made sure that the shadow of temple doesn’t falls on the home and the home should not face the temple. one must stay clear from purchasing plot near meat shop, shoe shop etc.

succeeding are the do’s:

1. for commercial and business purposes green, yellow or sour plot is preferred. for scholars, priests, teachers plots facing east are enhancing. for government employees and those who work for power and administration, plot facing north is considered auspicious.

2. water source in north and north-east direction is considered auspicious; let it be an underground water source, some river, pond, swimming pool etc.

3. rectangular, circular or gomukhi plot is considered auspicious and the plot with more length in eastwards direction is considered beneficial for purchasing purposes.

4. a plot which faces roads from all the four sides is considered very propitious. a square plot is also very auspicious and brings in prosperity and wealth.

the faults which cannot be removed by astrology and rituals are also removed with the help of vaastu. it acts as an obstacle against diseases and disasters. so, for success in all fields you must consult vaastu.

these healthy tips can do too much for the amelioration of your home. always remember to keep the place where you spend most of you time tidy.

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feng shui advice on home interior decoration

for betterment in health, wealth, relationships and in all such aspects, feng shui is kept at home in the direction and position which suits you. it creates a flow of energy and finds proper balance in the surroundings of your life. it should be so placed that the energies created by its presence brings name, fame and prosperity in your life.

one can never be an expert overnight, so you must understand the basic feng shui before implementing it in your home. there are some quick tips which act as basics and help you attract the positive energies of the surroundings.

these are as follows:

1. before entering the home, this should be kept in mind that the main door remains free and clean. the shoes and slippers should be kept away from the main gate and there should be a source of proper ventilation.

2. it should be taken care that the house is cluster free and air can pass through the corridors are sound rooms without obstructions. the house should not be kept messy.

3. the south east corner of every room in your home is the direction of wealth so you must find the south east corner of every room, bathroom, store etc, if any, and spend most of your time here.

4. there should not be any mirrors in front of or at the sides of your bed in your bedroom as they are considered to be inviting a third party.

5. never place the furniture with their back towards the main door. an indoor water source such as a small fountain is considered to be a source of good energies.

6. the dark corners of the home should be enlightened as they contain the most negative energies. if you can’t put a source of light in such areas, try planting there.

7. the children must not sleep on the floor as this brings negative effect on their health.

8. the television should not be placed in the bedroom and if it is, it must be covered with a plastic cover.

9. it should be made sure that there is proper ventilation; the windows of this room must be opened daily for, at least as much as 20 minutes.

10. this should also be taken care that you are not concentrating too much energy in one direction or area of your home as the energy should spread throughout.

these healthy tips can do too much for the amelioration of your home. always remember to keep the place where you spend most of you time tidy.

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